Sunporch II

by Mohawk Dutch

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Recorded in the sunporch, Winter 2012-2013


released January 26, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mohawk Dutch



all rights reserved


Mohawk Dutch Suffern, New York

Conor Clavell- Drums/Vocals
Greg Ferguson- Bass
Eugene Gardner- Vocals/Guitar
Danny Tyler- Guitar

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Track Name: Go Yankees
I sing some songs on the way, arrive a little late and pray,
That they're all tired of shaking hands.
The pool's dried up and stickball bats, are back with their bristles,
No more empty endless cans.

Sneak off to an empty street, from here they can't smell,
Why I'm so quiet today.

One push hits too hard, and one joke goes too far.
Just keep it in for mama's sake.
Stick to updates from your latest tries to prove the whole world wrong,
And unenthusiastic calls of, "Go Yankees"

Been here a million times before, my aunt still shows me to the door,
Says, "Enjoy your pee and God bless!"
Through the window Jen's in tears, I pretended to understand for years.
For now I wonder what liquor's left.

Sneak into a bedroom, steal a book and try to tell,
Why we won't sit still today.

The hour's getting late, loaded heads and empty plates,
So wrap this up, I'm begging please.
No more forced laughs, no more forced sighs,
No more shaking hands with brittle men who look so tough,
And break, so easily.

I wonder what liquor's left.
Track Name: Carpets
The diamonds in her ear weren't fake, neither were the words that I spoke.
The only thing more attractive that night, 2 for 1 Jack and Cokes.

We didn't mind taking the stairs, she teased me the whole way up.
She couldn't know that she'd regret, filling me one last cup.

But being a man means playing shitty hands, so don't tell me chivalry ain't around...
Can't get up, might as well go down.

You look for the light in your day, tell yourself it'll be fine.
Didn't want it to be this way, but no matter how hard you try,

The good times just tease you and nothing can please you,
The cold sniffs you out like a hound...
Can't get up, might as well go down.

The diamonds in her ear weren't fake, least that's what I was told.
But given the time she'd be proven a liar, so good riddance,
I gotta go...
Track Name: Black Tongue
My tongue turned black again last night.
Can't remember the last time pink felt right.

When you get drunk try not to talk too bad, of me...
You can have me jar of bottle caps, we'll see...
Keep all my promises in a box out back,
With all those qualities I love and lack.

You turned your back again last night.
Just cause you're living good doesn't mean you're living right.

When I get drunk I won't talk too bad, of you...
I'll never know the things you do or don't have, that's true...
Keep all my promises in a box out back,
With all those qualities I love and lack.

My tongue turned black again last night.
Can't remember the last time that pink felt right.
So tell those stories you think you know,
It was good to see ya, kid, but I gotta go.
Track Name: Rattlesnake
Little Boy's walking on down the road,
Comes across a rattlesnake, the Rattlesnake was old,
"Take me up the mountain, please," the Snake cried,
"Just one more sunset before I die."
Little Boy said, "No. If I put you in my hands, you'll bite me, and I'll never breathe again."
Rattlesnake said, "No, I give you my word. Just take me up the mountain and no one will be hurt."

So that Little Boy took that Rattlesnake to his chest, took him up the mountain and watched the sun set.
Little Boy knew the Snake meant no harm, so he brought him down the mountain once it got dark.

Rattlesnake said, "I'm getting very cold. Won't you do a favor and put me in your coat?"
Little Boy had trust enough and soon he did oblige, walking down the mountain on a moonless night.
Just before Little Boy laid Rattlesnake to rest, Rattlesnake he turned, bit Little Boy in the chest...
Little Boy cried out and said, "Now I will surely die!" He turned to the Rattlesnake and asked him "Why?"

So that Rattlesnake turned and looked up from the leaves, at the Little Boy now begging on his knees.
"Before you even picked me up you knew, who I was...
And what I do..."